Friday, June 21, 2013

My most enjoyable interview, ever!

Looking back at my purchasing history, the first pair I ordered (free!) was a Hugo Boss metal framed glasses. (It was my favorite pair at the time till it came apart from wear and tear. It was dated on Jun 18/2010 (three years back) For only $15, it was a STEAL! Since then, I've been ordering from clearly contacts and no where else. The prices were affordable for college students on student loans. Every now and then my glasses break (ie. playing volleyball), so its definitely within my budget.

Since then I wanted to apply to work at clearly contacts. However, I wasn't able to because my full-time studies took up most of my daytime. In addition, I lacked the experience needed for a number of positions. Thus I waited till my schooling days are almost done...

Then I came across Clearly Contacts happy hour hiring fair a few weeks back through a friend on Facebook. Being one of those individuals who loves to try new things, I decided to attend. *clicks attend*
Though the description was a little vague, I brainstormed a few stories to share.

The event was really well executed ( from seeing a number of events planned and organized thus far) and met  a number of really outgoing and motivated individuals. Applicants came from as far East as Ottawa, and some grew up in Vancouver with so many amazing stories to share!

It was very considerate of the company to provide drinks and appies to applicants. Because the hiring fair took place at O Lounge, it was a relaxing atmosphere that allowed applicants to start conversations in a more personal manner.

Looking forward to joining the team ( If I make the cut :D)

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