Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Unhappy ELF purchase, my last.

Straight up: I am really price conscious. 

Living a typical life of a college student will little cash left from student loan, it’s not hard to spend it all during a friend’s birthday party or events of the like.

On the last two weeks of April, final exams have pushed my stress level to the max. I restricted myself from going out because focusing and studying was my priority. This meant no socializing, attending fundraising events, or even walking out of the house. What’s new is online shopping was the way to go.

ELF does a good job at spamming subscribers with endless promotions.

For impulse buyers, it meant buying things they don’t need. With the company policy of using only “one” coupon code at a time, it gets very expensive. Especially for Canadian customers, to choose $10 off or opt for free shipping. They also don’t charge tax with the additional shipping cost for Canadians. This means when pick up the parcel from the post office, I have to pay $20 on top of my $85 purchase + shipping costs.
To me, I view it as a terrible way to thank your customers for buying your products.

With a few dollars extra, I would much rather buy higher quality drugstore brands such as Maybelline, Revlon, Almay, NYX, and etc.

I have tried a number of ELF products and some of their ingredients do not fit my skin. Though I have normal skin for which I don’t get sensitive easily, breakouts/acne/sties appear when I use their products.

I am very upset with this purchase and will be my last time buying from this company again. 

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