Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcoming May with a fresh start

Updates from my previous posts

1. Sleeveless in 5 days: 

The discoloration on my underarms improved. But with a daily routine of plucking, the deodorant started clogging up my pores. In addition, with little exercise in April due to final exams, I am will be using it sparingly up until summer comes. 

2. Eyeliner Update: 

Big LOVE for Maybelline LINE Stiletto! The best drugstore brand I've used so far, equivalent to Dolly Wink ( asian brand). Thanks to my friend, she got me Dolly wink from her trip to HK. It has a super thin tip which allows great precision, perfect for the monolids who wants a thin line. With Maybelline, it works even better because its sold at most places at a reasonable price. In addition, because I have double eyelids, it provides a thicker line. This makes me look more awake when I need the support.  


I am setting a goal to write one post every week. This will be super fun as I have been putting school as my priority. With job hunting as my new priority, I hope to spend more time blogging my life. Then looking back at this and say: Wow, that was me back then!!  :) 

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