Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Go Sleeveless Challenge: Day 1

Summer is coming REAL soon! The deal with underarms has been bugging me since my puberty started. My mom didn't really give much advice as to what to expect or do. 

Those annoying little hairs keep growing and its invincible.

Now it has gotten to the point where discoloration has been a major issue from shaving too much. Last year I consulted with my cousin (makeup artist) about this problem. As someone who loves to play beach volleyball with tank top, short sleeve gives really weird tan lines. Its also super hot and sweaty, so my skin feel really stuffy and warm. My cousin suggested plucking, which did make the situation a lot better. Less dark spots. But it got worse when I put on deodorant after shaving. My pores get clogged up and there are white, dark, red bumps. 

Its a nightmare.
Stopped using deodorant after, but constantly plucking meant lots of time wasted. Opportunity costs! 

Recently, I came across a Dove deodorant product with really good reviews. I researched through YouTube beauty gurus, forums, other numerous sites. Now, I am ready to take on the challenge. The product says it can "go sleeveless in 5 days". So I am gonna blog these 5 days. 

Its gross taking pictures of armpits and showing the world. As readers, it probably grosses you out as well. But if it does go well, its definitely benefiting the female population. No more painful, inhuman waxing or epilators. 

Those freak me out, literally. 

So I got this from London Drugs yesterday, on sale for $3.99. Took a shower and applied it on. The discoloration started to be less visible. Less dark. 

Day 1: under normal lighting

Day 1: under bright white lighting 

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