Friday, March 29, 2013

The perfect eyeliner pencil.

NYX, Stila, Marcelle Eyeliners. Available in Canada. 

My lashes are fairly decent length and healthy. But the problem lies within the roots of my lashes, they are fairly distant to one another. Even when I wear mascara (which doesn't really make a difference with my thick lashes), people get the impression of my tiredness.

AND eyeliner comes to the rescue!

It took me a long time to choose a good eyeliner pencil. 
The regular eyeliners smudge really quickly and waterproof ones takes forever to remove.
My experience with using eyeliner is the crayon-like materials work best at staying put, and doesn't smudge.

NYX slide on pencil is easy to put on. It uses a waterproof formula so they won't smudge, and the color remains strong even after a day's use. Though it is a waterproof, removing the eyeliner is not difficult. With the use of waterproof makeup remover, the color is easily taken out. 

Although makeup will help beautify the face, its the inner beauty that counts. In the long run, the sustainable aspect is the inner beauty, not the skin-deep appearance.

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