Thursday, March 7, 2013

College is worthwhile, take advantage of it.

My extensive four-year BBA program is coming to an end.
The obstacles are becoming more treacherous and difficult as time goes by.

This semester, I am retaking a course that I've failed to meet the minimum requirements for my final course. While juggling school/club/personal life, many sacrifices were made. This includes ending a relationship.

Re-taking a course has major setbacks, I am not gonna lie.
However, with the second chance to take on this challenge, there's more to gain than I expected.
With more effort put into late hours reading the business news, companies, textbook; there's new things I didn't catch before. More time is spent in attacking the paper which provides a less stressful timeline upon completion.

However, as a 4th year student, there are a lot of things to take part in.

Friends/business students in my year is actively making change to the existing campus culture. We are pushing our limits in juggling with a million different things to bring students together. We are abolishing the isolated/silo syndrome embedded in student's life through new clubs, campus-wide events, fun activities, more ways to "start the conversation".

So many ways to take part: 
1. getting on board in the executive team in business clubs
2. serving as a student rep. on the Education council
3. starting a new club
4. working in campus (that's where your connections come from!)
5. participating in events
6. joining inturmurals ( sad part: my college doesn't have a varsity volleyball team.)

College life can be worthwhile and the most enjoyable period of being a student, take advantage of EVERYTHING.

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