Monday, January 28, 2013

Chill Winston, not too chill on my wallets

Normally I would post all my food venue visits on YELP, along with a million other people. But this time I'll record it on my blog. Because this time it was special.

On a Sunday night I decided to go out and get a drink of Hot Choco at Tim's. In the past, drinking a hot beverage on a cold, wet day was awesome. But this time, it was different. Maybe because I have gone through my first relationship, at the age of 23. Felt like I needed someone there, to be my companion for the night. So I texted my ex. Really funny conversation worth sharing:

Me: Come have chocolate with me!
Him: Sure, which Tim's are you at?
Me: Main and broadway.
Him: Ok I'll leave in a couple of mins, be there like 8:10 (sent @ 7:44)
Me: I am halfway done. Dress nicely, we are going to dt after!

[20mins later....]

Him: I was almost late dressing myself nicely! :P
Me: Haha, that's hilarious!
Him: Why? I had to clip my nails

[shows up in dress shirt, tie, black khaki pants & dress shoe]

*SHOCKED* I meant to dress to impress, but did not expect business formal at all...
Because he's gone out of ways to dress, I'd thought we go someplace nice: Chill Winston. Bingo.
We took the bus downtown. Surprised to see there's only one table with 6 people (?)

When I looked at the menu. *DOUBLE SHOCK*
Not a lot of drinks, limited food menu & my wallet is already SCREAMING IN PAIN.
My ex got Kangaroo meat ( ewww, how can you eat a cute animal such as this?)
And I got steelhead ( looks like meat from a can of tuna with some crackers to spread on)

Wasn't the best, but the ambiance is perfect for couples, I guess... if you can afford the luxury, that is.
I ate a few bites and asked to be packaged. I wasn't THRILLED at the food.
In fact, it was totally shocking there was a crowd for this type of menus.
As a student, I guess I like Guilt & Co. ( which was PACKED when we went there at 11PM on a sunday night)

Nevertheless, it was good having someone there to keep you warm in cold weathers like this :)

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