Saturday, December 14, 2013

My FIRST Online Black Friday Haul

Last year's black Friday didn't involve too much online deals.
This year, it was very different…..
There were deals everywhere, my mailbox was filled with discounts and sales that different companies were offering.
The one store I hardly go to buy things, was a place which ended up with 2 transactions orders on Black Friday AND Cyber Monday.

Free shipping usually triggers shopping online, don't you think?
My first package which involved a few promotions they had:
-$25 goodie bag (value $110) with $50+ purchase
-Free shipping over $75
-10% off for love your body membership
-3 for $30, and each additional product at $10 each
BEST DEAL I've seen on the body shop website thus far! (Mind you I've only started my membership 2 years back…)
With my new co-op position, the bags under my eyes are getting worse with less sleep and more computer work.

So I got a number of things for the "Windows to the soul", first are the POMEGRANATE firming & refreshing eye roll-on & an ALOE EYE DEFENCE moisturising cream-gel. Pomegranate eye roll-on is true to its name. After using it for a week, it helps me wake up in the morning. The steel roller is cold but very refreshing. With the colder days, it helped moisturize the area around my eyes, looks hydrated and less wrinkly. For $10, it's a bargain! The bottle & cap is very small and delicate and easy to store in your purse or cosmetic bag. The Wise Woman Eye cream was also a "first time try" for my mom as a Christmas gift. Original priced at $24, I got 2 for $10! Lastly, I snatched the Eye shadow makeup palette with a more earthy tone. The colors are good for when I go to work, and for school next year. One of my palettes I have are the same color, but in glitter form. So it isn't work/school appropriate.

The $25 tote with $110 worth of products are mainly ones which I rarely use. They include:    
SATSUMA body butter (200ml)
One thing about their products is they are gentle to the skin, which a number of products don't have that quality in today's time. Will be sharing my second order next time J

What was your Black Friday haul?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Personal Piece: Diving into an emotional adventure

I've always imagined what the ideal adventure would be like. Is it skydiving on a cool, breezy weekend in Abbotsford? Or scuba-diving in the Caribbean in the winter season? Perhaps spending a snowy winter night in a hot tub up in Whistler?

While time and money is not available, there's something less costly & more entertaining: Reading!

I love reading, especially science fiction novels. Sometimes, its painful to put down a book half way into reading it. This calls for staying up late/waking up early to catch on where it was last left off. Dark under eyes, sleepy minds don't matter as finishing the book. 

The beauty of reading is like watching a movie, but you're the director who plans out the props, actors/actresses used, and layout of the setting. Only you can see the movie while flipping countless pages filled with words. No one can disturb or modify your picture perfect visuals. 

My favorite author is 深雪。She is one of the best Chinese authors I've read so far. Her novels have been recognized and used as plot in Taiwanese dramas. She does a good job of describing intricate feelings between characters and also painting a picture of the situation for the readers. The level of Chinese for her novels are set at a higher level & contains a minimum of a few hundred pages. 

But if you are interested in Chinese novels, I'd highly recommend you start with short stories that she publish on Road Show HK.

Have a good weekend!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Freebie Mondays: Beauty Box Alert!

Got a special package in the mail in the past month.
Elle's beauty box came in a cute pink rose print.
Super adorable and trendy.

Small booklet with product descriptions. The fall trends of 2013.

Lots of goodies inside:

-3D White Crest Strips
- Coupon:
          -free cartilage when you buy razor
          - free 198g shave gel when you buy regular               shave gel
- Covergirl clump crusher mascara
- Olay Regenerist wrinkle revolution complex
- Pantene Shampoo & Rejuvenating hydrating           masque

Did you get your's today?
(subscription required)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Personal piece: where was I in September?

Little did I realize, there's zero blog posts for September! 
Just to catch up of what I've been doing in the last month.

Landed in a co-op job late August. Super stoked to be working for the same company as my first co-op & learning more from the back end. Previous to this, I was working in the operational side contacting customers to schedule appointment for maintenance issues. This time, its more interesting. Working in the Burnaby office, I conduct investigations as to why equipment are not working the way they should. This meant digging in the database system and connecting the dots to formulate a story. Working with a team of analysts has enriched my experience so far. Just one month in, I am still discovering new patterns and stories everyday!

Finally got around to getting a parking pass to arriving early for work to do some cardio. Once I got used to driving around, will start some run next week. Really looking forward to it.

There's been so many new things happening, its like living a new lifestyle.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Freebie Mondays: $50 worth of gift certificates & BB Cream

I entered a father's day contest back in June. After a number of votes, 5 winners were announced. Each winner gets $50 gift certificates along with a color pink magic BB cream. Super lucky to be one of the winning individuals! Check out Shifeon Beauty on facebook for updates on new products & fun contests.

Gave my mom the gift certificates, ends up buying a kiwi flavor perfume (put in an additional $25 for the purchase). 

Glad she's happy with the gift :) 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Sunglasses & Prescription Glasses for 2013!

Saw Clearly Contact's promotion on Canada day with % off on sunglasses, ended up shopping for a new pair. I've always wanted a brown tinted, large lenses, with the handle that extends NOT from the top, but from the mid frame. Asian facial features are less obvious, thus I enjoy glasses that accentuates my face. With the handle from the top (like the GUESS one), the glasses keeps falling down my nose because I don't have a tall nose. The sunglasses are my all time favorite!

On a side note, I love the case for both pairs of glasses! The GUESS has a gold and reflective cover. The sunglasses is a matte black on the outside, with a nice dull pink on the inside. What's cute is the sunglasses comes with a zebra/cow printed pouch so I can carry it around in my bag without bringing the large, hard case :) 

GUESS Prescription Glasses

Diane von Puurstenberg Sunglasses

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fashion deal find: White Tee

Roaming around Metrotown a few weeks back and found this BARGAIN! I am a big fan of white t-shirts but its hard to find good looking ones. The fabric is either too thick or the print doesn't last after a couple of washes. But this one, I love it!

1. The material is a little sheer so its perfect for weathers like 24-25 Celsius, under the burning sun. Its sorta has a chiffon material so the skin can breathe on hot, humid days.

2. The size is not too small that it wraps around your body. The neckline is not too revealing or conservative (doesn't wrap around your neck) Its fairly loose on the waist & arms that it doesn't make me look fat. Double plus!

3. Print is fairly important. This one, the print is ironed backwards on the inside of the shirt. So even with a number of washes, it won't deteriorate as bad. Because its printed in thick black color, it shows up in grey-ish/silver so its not too revealing.

4. Price is a contributing factor as well. This one was reduced from $12.95 till $5. Over 50% off.

With the material and design, I think its definitely a deal. Time to wear it out the sunny hot weather!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Freebie Monday: Clean & Clear cleansing collection

On freebie Monday, I'll share some of the free things I got & ways you can get them too!
Big thanks to Klout for providing me with new products to try out! This time, Clean and Clear was in the mail! Yippee~

I used Clean and Clear when I was little. But some of their products didn't really fit with my skin type. I have slightly sensitive skin and irritation started occurring. I remember switching to different drug store brands during my puberty period. This collection is called morning burst. A line for morning use. The perk comes with a hydrating gel moisturizer, hydrating facial cleanser, and oil absorbing sheets. I have been using their oil absorbing sheets & works like a charm. It absorbs the excess oil on the face to reduce shine significantly. Highly recommended. 

Klout perks are mailed in these packages.
Really durable and protects the product from external damages.

The package came in three original size clean and clear products. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Personal Piece: What's charming in men

This piece is based on my personal experiences, through interacting with men of all sorts (friends, co-workers, dates, and etc). This is not written to attack the opposite sex, but instead serves as an open discussion for everyone. 

I guess these can be classified as my pet peeves. Some of which a number of female counterparts can relate. 
The list is consolidated to the top 3 attributes observed in men.

1. CHEAP, not a good thing.

I've had experience with a number of guys who act like they are gentlemen but are JUST underlying cheap. 
For example, it's a sweet thing to do when you offer to pay, but you don't need to BRAG about it. When you tell other people about what you do, you're using this for personal gain. Whether for people to give compliments or to put you as a "nice guy", I don't know. But don't be the reason for people to put a negative label on you. Let other people discover and praise, at their own will. 

Another scenario is when you offer to help a girl buy food. Personally, I am a fair person who pays back money afterwards. I hate owing people money/favors unless its a close friend. One time I offered to pay more than the cost because my guy friend walked several blocks to get me Ice Cap at the beach & didn't expect money back. (two thumbs up for gentleman!) But if you ask for money BEFOREHAND to help her buy food when she didn't ask, that shows you are cheap. 

Be noble, a real man values the relationship(s) over money.

2. Be assertive, ambitious in your approach.

How you approach life in general. A men who is ambitious and assertive is charming, by nature. It shows that he's capable of accomplishing anything he puts his heart into. It reflects his strength and ability to protect his friends and family from sticky situations. When he is missing this characteristic, its up to the individual to judge whether to stay or go. 

3. Chivalry is a double plus. 

A man who was raised by a lady will appreciate every lady he meets. Believe it or not, its the little things that some of us see and appreciate. Holding the door for the lady, or letting the girl first may seem like little gestures but they make a big difference. This is also one of the large contributing factors to decide on moving on to the next step.

My first random piece, thanks for reading. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Overqualified student for a NailArt Workshop

Each workshop recommends a suggested donation of $10, with proceeds benefiting Beauty Night Society. Attended the Geometric Chic workshop on July 6th. This is a workshop perfect for mother-daughter hangout or people who are new to nail polish. Weighed the Good and Bad for my own experience. 

- There are a couple of mall staff that floats around to help answer questions
- Location was easy to find
- Staff were punctual about maintaining start and end times
- A few fans were available for drying

- When the MC ask questions, voices from the participants from the far end does not get heard. Hence I didn't find the workshop to be as enjoyable as I would've had. 
- Mall staff should ask what participants aims to achieve before recommending methods. For me, I love neon but was told to put a purple base coat. This made my neon pink less bright than I had wanted.
- Had received lots of weird faces and questions from passerby
- Fans were not situated at close proximity 
- The event was not advertised as a beginner workshop. Sat for over 2 hours learning something I knew from youtube gurus at home

Each participant gets these in a lunch bag.
Contest attached to the event.

Neon had a hard time standing out.
Lefty having a hard time decorating the left hand.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Gym membership: Endless pitches

I received a call yesterday about winning a prize. Got super excited because I do enter contests on a regular basis. They are usually low hanging fruits but not crap. This one was very different. Opportunity cost was HUGE on my part, for the reward.

Located at Broadway & Arbutus, it takes me around 30 minutes to commute. When I got there, the receptionist asked me to wait for the girl (let's call her Mary) who called me. During the wait I filled out a "sign-in" sheet and a "welcome" sheet. Basically they are to gather potential customer's information for extensive marketing purposes. After around 30 minutes of staring at people working out, Mary came and start the conversation.

Like all sales people, they start off with a nice, find a "common interest" talk. Then they start introducing member's pricing, classes which required additional cost, and personal trainers with promising results. After the pitch, we set down to do the papers.

As someone who's very skeptical about gym membership, I reserve to give her my credit card information. Insisted that I want to try it out first before committing to any paid membership. They say the promotion offers a $10 off for joined fee & monthly fee, ends tomorrow. Wow, really?

I gotta say: The A/C and infinite-sized mirror in the women's washroom was quite an experience.

I left the place with this.

You don't have to "win" it. Basically, you can just hit up any gym and say: I want to try it out. Local residents only. 

From own experience: Vancouver is filled with beautiful seawall, beaches, parks and etc.
You don't need to pay to enjoy the amazing view & facilities, why put money into artificial setting?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Clearly Contacts Open on July 14th.

Beach Volleyball open competition happened last weekend from July 12-14th. After getting into a car accident the day before, I still manage to commute to Kitsilano beach for the finals. It was a great event which attracted many attendees and participants of a wide age group. There are many sporting vendors promoting their brand. My favorite part of the trip was watching the men finals! It was an intense showdown which involved hard serves & spikes. There was the female finals which didn't interest me because its missing the strength and power.

Strolling along the beach a team of neon tank kids caught my attention. Despite their size, they had a strong team bondage in that they know how to set the ball that their partner will be able to get it. It was an interesting game with little sound & perfect positioning on the court. 

I was lucky to find the clearly contacts booth for a new pair of shades! My last one lasted two years of outdoor volleyball with numerous scratches and the frame was about to break. Going to be a great summer with the Ray-Ban style shades!

More pictures from the event:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Product review: Joe's Nail Polish Remover

Summer time calls for fun colored nails! Complementary to the change of colors are the nail polish removers. I have been using Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover since high school. They can remove nail polish in short periods of time without leaving residue. Its also what their brand's strength is: nails. 

After using the pink bottle for a few years, its time to stock up a new one. So I went to Superstore a few weeks ago and saw Joe's have a remover now. It has a bigger bottle for a little more, which seemed like a good deal. Picked one up and used it today. 

It was N.O.T. good. I poured a decent amount on a cotton ball and needed to use more strength than usual to get my polish off. Usually, one cotton ball gets the job done. But with the new nail polish remover, it takes two cotton balls and had to replenish more liquid on the cotton for each two nails. Very time-consuming and inconvenient. 

Highly recommend the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover, its the best bang for the buck. Lasts for a long time and quick time removal! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lise Watier

Came across this counter during the "Come Fly with Us" event with the attractive colors on the model's eyes. This fall there will be new changes in their products, I am excited to try them out. The following  products are limited edition for Fall 2013. Will soon be available at London Drugs. (Estimated to be August to October, 2013)

From Left to right:

[ The colors in this eyeshadow quad are straight out of the English countryside. The seasonal palette is composed of delicate pink, bellflower mauve, teal blue, and hunter green. Offered in a plaid-print compact. ]
Retail price: $36

2. Ombre Souffle Supreme with Labrador Tea
[ The popular eyeshadow, with its exceptionally silky and airy texture, is available for one season in the Tartan Magic shade, a wonderful variation of teal blus and verdigris. Composed from combination of a cream, a powder, and a foam, it provides a subtle pearlescent eyeshadow and a long-lasting finish. Its formula is infused with the antioxidant power of the exclusive concentrated Labrador Tea Extract ]
Retail price: $24

3. Nail Lacquer
[ Two new shades share the limelight for glamorous nails this season. The applicator features a built-in light for a perfect mani-pedi! ]
Retail price: $13

Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Birthday: H2O Run

First charity project I did with Mr.Penguin. It was really stressful because its the season of a million other people fundraising. As a competitive student, a lot of time were dedicated in raising the goal originally set out. As my first fundraiser, it was a learning curve. But registering for the run will be less of a workload mentally. Looking forward to celebrating with friends next year :)

Total funds raised: $500 in 2 weeks.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

NYX: Be Fierce. Be Fabulous.

 Be Fierce. Be Fabulous.

NYX is one of the products that caught my attention about a few years back.
The first time I came across the brand was in a grocery store while browsing around. Shortly after, there were a number of beauty gurus who rated this brand highly in its products. Soon after, I bought my first eye liner. It was one of the best drugstore products I've bought. The color was pigmented and it was easy to apply because the color glides on the skin nicely.

For fall collection, we see a number of NYX products to be introduced to London Drug's shelves. One of the most notable trends is the "natural" look. A combination of natural colors ( different shades of brown and black) will define the eyes but appears to have makeup at a minimal level, also known as the nude look. The 5 sets of palettes are comprised of different shades good for daytime or nighttime look.

From left to right:

1. Love in Florence Eyeshadow Palette
This palette contains 5 shades and can be applied for a daytime/nighttime look. Suitable for a weekend trip to mix and match the colors for each look!

2. Butter Gloss
A non sticky and pigmented gloss for going out with friends for an afternoon tea or at night going to parties.

3. Born to Glow: Liquid Illuminator
Time to enhance the face with a lightweight illuminator. It acts as a highlighter to the face for a flawless finish.

Glam Liner (Waterproof)
To spend a day/weekend at the beach, not a problem.
With the waterproof feature, it allows the eyes to stay in the center of attention without smudging or having to reapply.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

London Drugs: Come Fly With Us Event

Came across this opportunity through Twitter about a week before my birthday (Yippee!). I enjoy shopping at London Drugs for cosmetics because they have a large selection of brands. In addition, there was always a sale going on which is perfect for college students, like me. Sometimes I need good quality cosmetics to put on for business networking events. Due to the nature of my studies, I have become more aware in the
heavy marketing used in this industry. 

When I heard about the event, I was thrilled to attend. As a part-time blogger, I love to share and record my findings. At first I was a little hesitant, but Cynnamon is an amazing lady who helped arrange my transportation after we went on an email conversation for several hours. (Coincidentally, I had class and meeting that night ><) 

On the day of, it was my first time taking the helijet across the waters to Richmond. I have taken the plane many times, but a private helijet was definitely my first. After the helijet, there was a Limousine ride to the destination (LAC), too cool!! 

As soon as I stepped into the venue, it was beyond what I have expected. 
Similar to a convention, there were different booths which showcased their brand and upcoming products. On top of that, there was also a bar situated in the middle for guests to enjoy a complementary drink. The color theme of the event was White which provided an exceptional taste of elegance. The event was well executed with well-coordinated partners and transportation. 

There were some brands which I personally really liked such as Revlon, NYX, and Conair. Some brands I am really excited to try out were Lise Watier, Annabelle, John Freida, Layla Cosmetics, LASHEM. Will be blogging them in the next few posts. 

Stay tuned :) 

Friday, June 21, 2013

My most enjoyable interview, ever!

Looking back at my purchasing history, the first pair I ordered (free!) was a Hugo Boss metal framed glasses. (It was my favorite pair at the time till it came apart from wear and tear. It was dated on Jun 18/2010 (three years back) For only $15, it was a STEAL! Since then, I've been ordering from clearly contacts and no where else. The prices were affordable for college students on student loans. Every now and then my glasses break (ie. playing volleyball), so its definitely within my budget.

Since then I wanted to apply to work at clearly contacts. However, I wasn't able to because my full-time studies took up most of my daytime. In addition, I lacked the experience needed for a number of positions. Thus I waited till my schooling days are almost done...

Then I came across Clearly Contacts happy hour hiring fair a few weeks back through a friend on Facebook. Being one of those individuals who loves to try new things, I decided to attend. *clicks attend*
Though the description was a little vague, I brainstormed a few stories to share.

The event was really well executed ( from seeing a number of events planned and organized thus far) and met  a number of really outgoing and motivated individuals. Applicants came from as far East as Ottawa, and some grew up in Vancouver with so many amazing stories to share!

It was very considerate of the company to provide drinks and appies to applicants. Because the hiring fair took place at O Lounge, it was a relaxing atmosphere that allowed applicants to start conversations in a more personal manner.

Looking forward to joining the team ( If I make the cut :D)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What is the birthday girl up to this week?

My birthday is coming up this Saturday (June 22nd)! I am super excited about all the events happening this week. A little brief sharing post on the great adventures and new experiences I'll be trying out.

With a big love of making lists, let's start:

1. CKNW orphan's fund internship interview
Actively looking for a job to start my career before getting my BBA degree. 
This is a great not-for-profit organization who gives back to the community through assisting the physically, mentally challenged, and disadvantaged children. It was my pleasure to learn about the different initiatives great people do. 

2. Education Council Meeting (last one before Fall semester)
As a student representative on the Langara Education Council, we vote on behalf of the student population in   all proposed academic changes. This is usually voting for a proposal of a new course/program, changing requirements of an existing course, or "new information" with changes in the continuing studies (adult education) realm. 

Looking forward to some new restrictions imposed on some BBA courses, additional options for international students, and changes in the applied planning program. 

3. Come fly with us (An event organized by London Drugs)
Was super lucky (probably birthday luck, *wink*) to hear about a beauty event that London Drugs organized at the London Aviation Centre. It showcased a number of new collections by different beauty partners: Annabelle, Mineral Fusion, NYX, Revlon, Mabelline NY, Cargo Cosmetics, Red Carpet Manicure, Layla Cosmetics, Lise Watier, John Frieda, Nexxus, London Drugs, Conair, got2b, LashEM, and Jouviance. There was a few booths which I didn't have time to visit, unfortunately. But will be writing for some of the ones I've seen in the upcoming week. BIG LOVE for new things. 

4. Fundamentals of Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign Workshop (via Trade School Van
Trade School Van is a community based group where individuals from different backgrounds offers to teach something they have expertise in. In return, students can barter specific items (upon request by the teacher) for knowledge. Looking forward TO THIS!! 

5. Make Music Vancouver Festival in Gastown/Yaletown
A community-based free event for everyone! With a great opportunity to listen to the local artists/band perform throughout the streets. There'll be over 300 performers in over 4 hours long performances. Whether you're taking a stroll downtown after dinner or going on a date, this is the perfect event for you!

6. Run for H2O for clean water in Guatemala (on my birthday TOO!)
This year, I wanted to do something different. No extravagant party with over 100 guests, or planning a birthday dinner in hopes to get gifts as the main purpose. (Not that I do those haha) BUT to contribute and make a difference in the world. What would be better than to celebrate it by "the act of giving" on the day my mom gave the world, me? So this year I will be celebrating my birthday by fundraising $500 to help 5 individuals in Guatemala with a lifetime of clean water. I take it for granted the fresh, filtered water in Vancouver when someone is having trouble surviving on the other side of the world. It hurts to think about it.
Would love if everyone can put a piece of their heart in this great cause!  

This takes place in Britannia Oval Field on Sunday, April 23rd, around 9PM. A good time to wind down an eventful week and take out the beach towel to watch this under the starry night. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Donating Blood is not as scary, it’s beautiful.

I regularly receive calls from the Canadian Blood Services asking if I wanted to donate blood. With the end of final exams and a short relaxing break before summer semester, why not? The last blood donation was very unpleasant, a nurse in training was poking the big needle several times before seeing my vein. My arm was getting numb at that point, and she asked if I want to try it in my dominant hand. Woman, you should go back to nursing school and do more practicum! I’ve been told by nursing friends and the like that I have visible veins.

During the leisure time, I play beach volleyball on a regular basis so the blood flows in my arms are fairly smooth.

This visit was the best one so far. The nurse was very easygoing and we got sidetracked talking about fashion and weather, while going through the questionnaire. Another nurse who inserted the needle in my arm was very professional and quick, the donation process took roughly 5 minutes and it was done! During  that time we had a conversation on blood types and antigens. She even gave me a sheet for reference. I brought a magazine which I didn't end up reading, definitely faster than a visit to the doctor's!

Super nice lady.

Because I haven’t donated for a while, I felt a little tired after and rested for 20 minutes before taking the bus. Took a nice long nap as soon as I got home. Its the best thing to do after donating blood to replenish energy. 

After each blood donating, the donor has to wait 56 days before their next donation. The donation was on May 6th so my next one would be after Canada Day. Anyone wanna hit up the clinic with me? 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Annual BMO Marathon: I was there!

Went downtown for street festival after!
We got a Greek yogurt and a frappicino! 

Langara VOLT program ( was recruiting students to participate in the BMO marathon on MAY 5th, 2013. They were short on a few students so I decided to join the crew with my +1.

The volunteer shift was from 7:30-9:45AM at the third water station of the race. Our water station had about 15+ volunteers, 4 tables with 3 volunteers at each table. Two volunteers were responsible for filling up the cups with water and one volunteer pours the large bottled water in to the jug.

It was a fun experience being able to provide participants with much needed water and cheering on people who challenges themselves despite getting watery shoes. Looking at the BMO marathon official site, the entry fee is put towards the event. So it doesn't go towards charity like Vancouver Sun Run does.

As the sponsors couldn't provide us with food on time, we were given $5 Starbucks gift card. So we went on a "Starbucks date" after volunteering.

It was an amazing weekend because we were playing beach volleyball the day before at Spanish banks east the whole day. So we were pretty sore and tired. 

After the event, my +1 decides to join the party next year, we’ll see how it goes ;)  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Unhappy ELF purchase, my last.

Straight up: I am really price conscious. 

Living a typical life of a college student will little cash left from student loan, it’s not hard to spend it all during a friend’s birthday party or events of the like.

On the last two weeks of April, final exams have pushed my stress level to the max. I restricted myself from going out because focusing and studying was my priority. This meant no socializing, attending fundraising events, or even walking out of the house. What’s new is online shopping was the way to go.

ELF does a good job at spamming subscribers with endless promotions.

For impulse buyers, it meant buying things they don’t need. With the company policy of using only “one” coupon code at a time, it gets very expensive. Especially for Canadian customers, to choose $10 off or opt for free shipping. They also don’t charge tax with the additional shipping cost for Canadians. This means when pick up the parcel from the post office, I have to pay $20 on top of my $85 purchase + shipping costs.
To me, I view it as a terrible way to thank your customers for buying your products.

With a few dollars extra, I would much rather buy higher quality drugstore brands such as Maybelline, Revlon, Almay, NYX, and etc.

I have tried a number of ELF products and some of their ingredients do not fit my skin. Though I have normal skin for which I don’t get sensitive easily, breakouts/acne/sties appear when I use their products.

I am very upset with this purchase and will be my last time buying from this company again. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcoming May with a fresh start

Updates from my previous posts

1. Sleeveless in 5 days: 

The discoloration on my underarms improved. But with a daily routine of plucking, the deodorant started clogging up my pores. In addition, with little exercise in April due to final exams, I am will be using it sparingly up until summer comes. 

2. Eyeliner Update: 

Big LOVE for Maybelline LINE Stiletto! The best drugstore brand I've used so far, equivalent to Dolly Wink ( asian brand). Thanks to my friend, she got me Dolly wink from her trip to HK. It has a super thin tip which allows great precision, perfect for the monolids who wants a thin line. With Maybelline, it works even better because its sold at most places at a reasonable price. In addition, because I have double eyelids, it provides a thicker line. This makes me look more awake when I need the support.  


I am setting a goal to write one post every week. This will be super fun as I have been putting school as my priority. With job hunting as my new priority, I hope to spend more time blogging my life. Then looking back at this and say: Wow, that was me back then!!  :) 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Go Sleeveless Challenge: Day 2


Today is the 2nd day of the challenge. 
Didn't seem like there's a lot of difference between yesterday and today. 
The dark spots has been improving but some parts of the skin has changed to a yellowish tone. 
Looking forward to more changes tomorrow! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Go Sleeveless Challenge: Day 1

Summer is coming REAL soon! The deal with underarms has been bugging me since my puberty started. My mom didn't really give much advice as to what to expect or do. 

Those annoying little hairs keep growing and its invincible.

Now it has gotten to the point where discoloration has been a major issue from shaving too much. Last year I consulted with my cousin (makeup artist) about this problem. As someone who loves to play beach volleyball with tank top, short sleeve gives really weird tan lines. Its also super hot and sweaty, so my skin feel really stuffy and warm. My cousin suggested plucking, which did make the situation a lot better. Less dark spots. But it got worse when I put on deodorant after shaving. My pores get clogged up and there are white, dark, red bumps. 

Its a nightmare.
Stopped using deodorant after, but constantly plucking meant lots of time wasted. Opportunity costs! 

Recently, I came across a Dove deodorant product with really good reviews. I researched through YouTube beauty gurus, forums, other numerous sites. Now, I am ready to take on the challenge. The product says it can "go sleeveless in 5 days". So I am gonna blog these 5 days. 

Its gross taking pictures of armpits and showing the world. As readers, it probably grosses you out as well. But if it does go well, its definitely benefiting the female population. No more painful, inhuman waxing or epilators. 

Those freak me out, literally. 

So I got this from London Drugs yesterday, on sale for $3.99. Took a shower and applied it on. The discoloration started to be less visible. Less dark. 

Day 1: under normal lighting

Day 1: under bright white lighting