Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What some professionals don't have: customer service.

Good customer service is important in retaining customers, its written in the books. 
But in reality, how many people do that?

At least not at Cross Roads Medical Clinic. 

As my second visit at this clinic, I am further disappointed from the once wonderful service I've had. 
I wouldn't say everyone there is not good, just a few "senior-level" who seemed to have a self-centered attitude towards its customers. Let me summarize my initial thought of brief, but a decade long visit:

So I came to the clinic at around 9:19AM and was greeted by a very nice lady in a Maroon uniform. She had a smile on her face with a light but natural makeup. She explained about the long 1hour wait and recommended us to take a walk around. I was a little concerned with the time because we paid for 1hour underground parking. In one of the busiest and expensive neighborhoods, parking is nowhere near cheap. So we waited quietly. As we waited, more and more people arrived and some got to enter as soon as they arrived. It was understandable because they made an appointment ahead of time. Through my observations, the nurses seemed to give "baby appointments" a priority over everyone else. Even if they were walk-ins. We understand that as walk-ins, we don't have ANY advantage in the queue. 

As the hour went by, we were getting concerned if they moved our spot all the way to afternoon. So I wanted to ask the nice lady but she was busy with another customer. There were three front desk ladies but two of them were rarely serving customers, they were on the computers doing who knows what. Anyways, a Filipino woman stepped up and this is when the bad part comes in. Now I was in my calmest, nicest tone possible and asked where I am in the queue because we've been waiting for an hour and it was well over the time we were told. I explained to her that we would need to pay for parking if this goes for another hour. She did not "CARE" about customers wasting our money (as if we were granted to waste money for this). She had a harsh, strong tone and told me "there's 4 patients in front of you" without looking at me. She was looking at the computer screen during the whole conversation. 

So I paid for another hour. 

30 minutes later, a Chinese lady who direct patients to different rooms were really nice and showed us the room. She knew my mom didn't really speak English and attempts to speak Chinese with her, that was really thoughtful. 

The doctor came, it was a Chinese woman who attempts to be white washed and simply: had an attitude. From personal experience, there are some Chinese who doesn't like to be classified as Asians so they disguise themselves with (1) appearance (2) attitude (3) language. Needless to say, she's one of them. So I translated my mom's conditions to her and she wrote down two things: (1) ice (2) bearnyl cream. 

Like WTF? 

I would have least expected an hour and a half of my quality sleep time for bullshit? She said before we left to "come again" if it gets worse. At this point I know what she's doing. Doctors earn money through patient's each visit. Thus some doctors like to delay the time it takes for patients to heal so they can earn more visit times. At where I came from, time is money. The medication the doctor gives patients are strong. This means after less than days, you can be all well and ready for work/school. I am not saying she's doing that, but its suspect-able.

Anyone with a high school/college degree can come up with that combination, its common sense. As I repeated the conditions, she gave an attitude of "I just said its normal, are you an idiot?"

Some professionals are educated with an extended knowledge and taking pride in his/her work is great. However, they may lack the sense of thinking everyone as equal and be treated the same. This is heartbreaking to me. 

In conclusion, customer service is important in all industries, not just business. To think that only businesses are educated with this in mind is saddening. Professionals or not, please be advised that your actions will shape your company/workplace. Take a moment and think about it. 

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