Monday, August 13, 2012

Accessorize "the window to the soul"

This semester has been really hectic. 
For the past two weeks I have been preparing for my final exams. 
The countless days studying in front of my laptop for what felt like forever, has finally ended. 

While cleaning my "war-zoned" table, I realize its been a while since I've made an online purchase for glasses (with prescription). So I cleared out some plastic-rimmed glasses which had discoloration on the edge due to my crazily acidic sweat. Ordered them last Thursday and came this morning! 

Clearly contacts has been my favorite online optical store for many years. Their exceptional service is getting better and better on every visit. Their website is easy to navigate and there's always that one pair of glasses that fits you, no matter what. Mostly I take advantage of their free shipping promotion (free express shipping via Purolator, WOOT!) They come within 1-2 business days AND they don't just drop-off and leave like Canada Post sometimes does. Its annoying because your box is left to heat up under the sunshine, not good service indeed.

I usually need glasses to run errands or for school (when I am in a computer lab: no contacts please!). My mom occasionally visits her nearby optical store on Cambie for fitting purposes and to get the gossips in for the local areas. For me, I am really keen on "speed". Their products are extremely awesome that I have to share it here: 

Here's what I got in the mail today!

1. Kam Dhillon 3012 S. Gunmetal
This pair is good for attending formal events. Usually students would wear plastic-rimmed glasses but it lacks the sophisticated feeling to it. On the inner back of the ear piece, they have added a hint of sparkle to make the glasses stand out. In addition, the front of glasses (which holds the lens) is a shiny metal piece. This is very different than the matte metal color that I got a few years back. It really makes the face stand out.

2. Joesph Marc 4070 Grey Smoke
This year, it seems like ombre colored fashion is in the trend. So I decided to get this color for the "safe" look. However, it seemed like this color makes a person look more mature. Or probably because I have darker facial features that affected the age matter. After asking opinions from a few household members, they said it looked fine. This would make a good pair for running errands.

 3. Lacoste 2609 513 Purple
This was the pair that I fell in love with the moment I saw it in the email. I adore the color along with the alligator-like texture, which fits the brand perfectly. The big lenses gives it a bigger area to see from & more stylish and trendy. On top of this, I have added a UV protective coating to my lens option to avoid switching to sunglasses unless the sun is particularly strong. And look, they come with a custom case as well!

 Here are the boxes that the glasses were shipped in, very durable. Clearly contacts also have a Change the view Project who gives a pair for someone in need for every purchase.

To make sure customers are satisfied with their purchase, clearly contacts have a 366 day return policy. Personally I have made numerous returns because sometimes the real pair doesn't quite match how I imagined it to be on me... And the customer service is great. They don't really probe into your reasons and sends you the return label to ship everything back, free of charge with refund. Before they had a large piece of "postcard" like info sheet. But now they made it into a smaller sized folded card. Really appealing to scrapbooking freak like me.

Currently they have two promotions going on:

2 Pairs for $99 (specific ones): 2FOR99 
Free shipping over $99: no promo code, automatically deducted at checkout
Translink 10% off= transit10 

I ordered it separately so 10% off is available for my Lacoste pair in addition to the 2 for $99! Both made the mark for free shipping so its a better deal to split it.

PS. For each pair of glasses I ordered, it came with a lens cleaner and a cleaning cloth too. 

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