Friday, June 22, 2012

The Smile Project: Day 1

Sometimes one smile goes a long way. I remembered on my last trip to Seattle, a smile made someone's day. There was a boy sitting at a store's front steps. When I passed him he said," Hi Tracy!" My initial reaction was I smiled at him. And he smiled back. We didn't talk further because I had two bags of groceries after walking 7 blocks from the nearest Walgreens. But it shows that a smile goes a long way. I smiled because I thought it was funny and Seattle people must be outta their minds to do that. The time before that, I remembered eating at Glo's for breakfast. A guy entered the store and sat on the table beside me. He looked at my large plate of egg benedict and that's how I started talking. Its funny because Seattle is less isolated than Vancouver in terms of meeting new people in the community. People are less hesitant and more welcoming to the people they pass through everyday.

Believe me, it rarely happens in Vancouver. (Unless you're in downtown street at 11PM, the tipsy and the drunkies will probably do that)

I am going to start a mini project of capturing my smile of the day. Shyness gets to us and prevents us from thinking or expressing ourselves properly. But smile is a form of acknowledgement and a positive force.

Me spending my special day writing a 10page report due tomorrow morning. With the lack of sleep from the previous night (slept at 3AM and woke up at 9AM for meeting), my eyes can barely open

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