Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Evolution of Cell phones

They say owning a Chanel is every girl's dream. I am definitely the outcast.
My dream had always been owning a blackberry. 
Through the course from seeing to owning a cellphone, I went through the cellphone revolution.

1. The very first phone my family had was an Audiovox. It looked something like this:

At the time, this was THE PHONE. One that allowed people to take it out of their house and it still works!! It was really convenient, but didn't serve as a substitute for the landline. 

2. After about 2-3 years, the whole family stopped using a cell-phone. During the period when we didn't have cell-phone, dial-up internet connection became important. It was a time when students become interested, and major addiction towards neopets started. Whoa talk about taking over 2 minutes to get online! While I was online, obviously the phone line would have crazy buzzing and beeping sounds when you wanted to call out. It was not possible, and internet had a strict limitation of the space for their plans. So chances are you either never use up the spaces the plan provided, or the person could never get to you by calling. Looks like we needed cell-phones after all =)

Sony Ericsson z520i

3. First phone with a CAMERA! You can't believe how excited I was to get this. There were a couple of really amazing things this phone did: interchangeable cover to different colors, advanced camera settings, lit up keypad, color screen!! This was a smaller size than the first one we had. My favorite: the snapping sound when you close the flip phone. CRAZY!

Sony Ericsson z750i

4. The NEXT amazing phone. This one had a BIGGER screen, higher resolution pictures, and a MIRROR (the front)! The design was amongst the best during that time, better than the iphone3G design (in my opinion). Sony Ericsson's parent company is Sony, so camera/screen resolution, and design are created by top designers. This particular model focuses further on the curved, smooth edges with round buttons. Adding a hint of feminine touch to the finished product. Nicely done. 

 Sony Ericsson U8a

5. This just made texting like typing on a computer!! Bigger, TOUCH screen =) 
A HIGHER quality picture resolution, app available for download. Much Much MORE. More fascinated than ever.

Blackberry curve 9300
6. MASTERPIECE. Can't be explained with words.

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