Friday, April 6, 2012

What does your horoscope say about your spending habit?

I have always been crazy with looking at horoscopes, if you haven't noticed. There's a popular famous woman in Taiwan who talks about Horoscopes. (Super accurate, yup). So for the episode airing in Taiwan today, I've sorta translated to English to let everyone get an idea if you are on the listed. This is strictly for entertainment purposes, not to be used for anything else. 

Top 3 worst Horoscopes who will go CRAZY shopping:

1. Scorpio- They live in their own little world, will earn enough money. They will set aside a pool of money for retirement/pension and etc. With the remaining, they will spend it. They don’t like to be ripped off. Earn enough, and then spend.

Aries- They will buy, then regret. They are unstoppable.

Capricorn- They love to buy. They do homework. They probably don’t have enough money or it is buy 2 get 1 free. They will encourage you to buy.

Libra- They don’t give good advice because they are busy looking at something else. They mostly encourage their friends to make purchases that probably aren’t the best. Indecisive.  

Taurus- They will lavishly spend in their own little world. They keep it within their budget. Whatever they like to buy, they will continue to buy them. 

Thank god I am not IN THERE! I am cancer, by the way. I am part of the Cardinal Sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), who lavishly spends but comes up with excuses. 

I don't think its really accurate because I've always saved up money and end up starving. But my pocket is never empty! It is pretty extreme to the point where my mom (Taurus) who needs to persuades me in order to make a purchase.

Does this apply to you?

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