Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring: A fresh new cut

Got a haircut. Oh yah.

Before I've always thought that a haircut is my least favorite thing to do. 

I mean, I don't "dislike" my hair. It does have its perks:
1. spending longer in the bathroom
2. good excuse for vaccuming more often
3. takes the attention from your face (especially when those Zits come)
4. get creative with styling/braiding/stuff like that

But then again, there's the downfalls:
1. too heavy
2. too much
3. gets dry (the sand from beach volleyball pretty much sucks up all the water in your body, major dehydration!)
4. takes too long to style
5. looks hideous if left un-brushed

So I finally took time off my lazy schedule and went to get a cut. 
Its a nice way to celebrate season change with all the beautiful things in mother nature! 
Funny when I browse the friends list on my facebook, almost everyone have long hair.
Seems like there's a long hair trend going on, or maybe its the convenience. 
Because after a while, your hair doesn't grow "longer", it goes "thicker". 
Scary thought!



PS. Love how the bright sunshine illuminates my entire room! =)

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