Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gift Card Nightmare

I have lost my Winner's Giftcard... and have been looking for it for WEEKS. Turned my bedroom upside down 4 times and still couldn't find it. Will do a fifth search (my bed hasn't moved an inch yet) later on. 

Any who, so the giftcard I am referring to is the $500 Bookstore Giftcard, a gift from my first co-op at Terasen Gas (now Fortis BC). So somehow I was looking through news articles online and lightning strike me! Having realized the existence of my GiftCard, I was in panic mode last night. The back of the card said its only good for one year, and its been close to an year since my co-op. 

I was worrying sick about it because there's about $200 left in there and I imagine collapsing if the cashier told me the card has expired. No appetite for food, homework, anything. I was having difficulties focusing on other things (super crazy!). So that night, part of my dream (mind you I have up to 5 different dreams per night, and they are mostly action thrillers) was going to the bookstore and asking for the expiry date at the cashier. The moment she said it expired, I immediately broke down, my face filled with tears from anguish. 

Woke up with swollen eyes (eww), and told my mom if she can help me spend it (I have work that morning and a group paper to finish). I went, and surprisingly the lady at the front desk said there's NO EXPIRY DATE! Super happy, told mom to spend on whatever and I left.

Little did I know she spent it ALL on my school branded CLOTHES! Like I can get those for free, and she spends 150+ on them!!!! I was super shocked and super pissed off. But I couldn't take it out because I didn't specify in the first place. But spending this money to promote my school's brand is BEYOND RIDICULOUS! I don't know, I feel like spending $200 in Metrotown (in the Bay) or something to compensate for my built-up stressed, "not worth it", super unhappy mood now.... >=(

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