Sunday, March 4, 2012

Easing back academic life

Photo Credit: Social Psychology Eye

There were a lot of topics which I wanted to write about...
Which I hope to write later because they have made an impact on my view.
So I hope to share them with everyone out there!

So far, well.... let's get back to updating on my life at hand.
Does it happen to you when you starts to do some hardcore studying and become anti-social.... that grades are sparkling gold on your transcript?

There is definitely a inverse relationship between academic & social life for me.
Negative as in... one goes up, the other comes down...
For example, when I decline all my facebook event invites & networking parties, I get at least As on my midterms and quizzes. (Studying three days before, that is)
Then there's the other spectrum when I start to care less for school and procrastinate studying. Probably popping in and out for parties, celebrations, social events. Then grades plummet. But it does MAXIMIZE MY HAPPINESS!

I tried experimenting them on two semesters, and results were favorable to my predictions.
But this time, I'll be experimenting in one semester, breaking it 50/50.

Academic life, check.
Social life, it starts now!

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