Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 6: Walking in Heels!


Day 6 marks my last day being a fb-free freak! So last night, I saw one of Wendy's (super hilarious woman!) you-tube clips about walking in heels & stilettos.

I had been, or I was told to be a tomboy all my life. I hated anything to do with heels, runners were MY thing. There's always a store nearby, in the mall or at any location, its extremely comfortable. They protect your feet to avoid injuries, and it doesn't take long to try out (15minutes max!) Price is reasonable, many designs.

Soon after choosing to major in business, its becoming a "need" to wear heels. I wish they did the men's shoes, with "just for the ladies" designs ;) Sadly not, so I started with the kitten heels. It seemed like bearable, so I skipped the wedges and went right to these:

Its not the "easiest" pair of shoes to walk in. But I survived 10 minutes with them today. Practice makes perfect! 

Here's Wendy's inspiring video: the art of ladies in heels :)


  1. Very cute shoes !!

    Wear them out and figure out which part hurts the most.. and you can get insoles and/or tape for whatever part hurts most.

    I tend to hurt on the balls. So I got ball of foot insoles. Also, when you sweat, it rubs against the skin. So I baby powder my heels as well.

    1. Baby powder, smart!!
      I think I wasn't walking properly, so its painful in more areas than normal O.O