Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 5: You-tubing Gurus!

Sundays are usually for studying, catching up homework, and blah blah blah... In fact, I have my negotiations textbook RIGHT in front of me and I am YOU-TUBING! (So hardworking ;)

Any who, there's one new discovery for me today.

While I was browsing through youtube videos, I came across a testimonial. Its about an internet company who sells makeup samples/testers to people who subscribe to them. This make-up company, called "My Glam", had collaborated with popular makeup gurus such as Michelle and Promise Phan to market and promote its products. I was a little excited when I heard about paying for subscription to try out new sample beauty products. There is a lot of new companies who sees this as a business potential. As a student, I only use makeup occasionally. Mind you, this is my last resort for those countless days of staying up late. (panda eyes, eekk!!) On top of that, my crazy impulse buying habit has filled my drawers with a million drugstore makeup products. Any type of product that you can name, I have. Except eye brow pencil. It is beyond reasonable for someone like me with only one face, to consume all of them within one year!! I'd be lucky if one small palette gets used, ha! 

For all the curious hearts out there, here's the video!

From what I've studied in business, most people choose to start their business through the use of internet because of its low to none start up costs. I am guessing the increasing trend of young, optimistic entrepreneurs are really working their hearts out for the joy of this accomplishments! However, when there's interaction with customer involved, most cases you'd need a strong team of customer service reps who would help you make customers happy and satisfied. This adds to the operating budget (more labor = more money! AHH!) Which is partly the reason why I choose to work for a company, rather than run it. Too many costs and uncertainty involved, its not for me.

Personally, I feel sorry for the guru who decided to cut the subscription, once and for all. Its frustrating on the customer's part and its stressful on the company's part. Having to constantly check up with the company and worrying over "bang for the buck" can get you burned out. Companies who does not do a good job at keeping customers happy and informed, can really come back to bite you!

But fear not, I am practicing to live a life free of worries. Which is partly the reason why I am closing facebook as an experiment to see how it helps/ or not =)

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