Sunday, March 25, 2012

Procrastinating on Classics

During the night before finals, I am taking the time to relive memories of the past.
The Classics from my childhood:

Backstreet Boys

 Spice Girls 

N Sync


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gift Card Nightmare

I have lost my Winner's Giftcard... and have been looking for it for WEEKS. Turned my bedroom upside down 4 times and still couldn't find it. Will do a fifth search (my bed hasn't moved an inch yet) later on. 

Any who, so the giftcard I am referring to is the $500 Bookstore Giftcard, a gift from my first co-op at Terasen Gas (now Fortis BC). So somehow I was looking through news articles online and lightning strike me! Having realized the existence of my GiftCard, I was in panic mode last night. The back of the card said its only good for one year, and its been close to an year since my co-op. 

I was worrying sick about it because there's about $200 left in there and I imagine collapsing if the cashier told me the card has expired. No appetite for food, homework, anything. I was having difficulties focusing on other things (super crazy!). So that night, part of my dream (mind you I have up to 5 different dreams per night, and they are mostly action thrillers) was going to the bookstore and asking for the expiry date at the cashier. The moment she said it expired, I immediately broke down, my face filled with tears from anguish. 

Woke up with swollen eyes (eww), and told my mom if she can help me spend it (I have work that morning and a group paper to finish). I went, and surprisingly the lady at the front desk said there's NO EXPIRY DATE! Super happy, told mom to spend on whatever and I left.

Little did I know she spent it ALL on my school branded CLOTHES! Like I can get those for free, and she spends 150+ on them!!!! I was super shocked and super pissed off. But I couldn't take it out because I didn't specify in the first place. But spending this money to promote my school's brand is BEYOND RIDICULOUS! I don't know, I feel like spending $200 in Metrotown (in the Bay) or something to compensate for my built-up stressed, "not worth it", super unhappy mood now.... >=(

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 6: Walking in Heels!


Day 6 marks my last day being a fb-free freak! So last night, I saw one of Wendy's (super hilarious woman!) you-tube clips about walking in heels & stilettos.

I had been, or I was told to be a tomboy all my life. I hated anything to do with heels, runners were MY thing. There's always a store nearby, in the mall or at any location, its extremely comfortable. They protect your feet to avoid injuries, and it doesn't take long to try out (15minutes max!) Price is reasonable, many designs.

Soon after choosing to major in business, its becoming a "need" to wear heels. I wish they did the men's shoes, with "just for the ladies" designs ;) Sadly not, so I started with the kitten heels. It seemed like bearable, so I skipped the wedges and went right to these:

Its not the "easiest" pair of shoes to walk in. But I survived 10 minutes with them today. Practice makes perfect! 

Here's Wendy's inspiring video: the art of ladies in heels :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 5: You-tubing Gurus!

Sundays are usually for studying, catching up homework, and blah blah blah... In fact, I have my negotiations textbook RIGHT in front of me and I am YOU-TUBING! (So hardworking ;)

Any who, there's one new discovery for me today.

While I was browsing through youtube videos, I came across a testimonial. Its about an internet company who sells makeup samples/testers to people who subscribe to them. This make-up company, called "My Glam", had collaborated with popular makeup gurus such as Michelle and Promise Phan to market and promote its products. I was a little excited when I heard about paying for subscription to try out new sample beauty products. There is a lot of new companies who sees this as a business potential. As a student, I only use makeup occasionally. Mind you, this is my last resort for those countless days of staying up late. (panda eyes, eekk!!) On top of that, my crazy impulse buying habit has filled my drawers with a million drugstore makeup products. Any type of product that you can name, I have. Except eye brow pencil. It is beyond reasonable for someone like me with only one face, to consume all of them within one year!! I'd be lucky if one small palette gets used, ha! 

For all the curious hearts out there, here's the video!

From what I've studied in business, most people choose to start their business through the use of internet because of its low to none start up costs. I am guessing the increasing trend of young, optimistic entrepreneurs are really working their hearts out for the joy of this accomplishments! However, when there's interaction with customer involved, most cases you'd need a strong team of customer service reps who would help you make customers happy and satisfied. This adds to the operating budget (more labor = more money! AHH!) Which is partly the reason why I choose to work for a company, rather than run it. Too many costs and uncertainty involved, its not for me.

Personally, I feel sorry for the guru who decided to cut the subscription, once and for all. Its frustrating on the customer's part and its stressful on the company's part. Having to constantly check up with the company and worrying over "bang for the buck" can get you burned out. Companies who does not do a good job at keeping customers happy and informed, can really come back to bite you!

But fear not, I am practicing to live a life free of worries. Which is partly the reason why I am closing facebook as an experiment to see how it helps/ or not =)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 4: Thrifting Fun

Fourth day without facebook, I am doing great!!
This morning I went for a ride along to do observation work for my Operations Management project. It was a lot of hard work, props to people doing deliveries!! It requires a large amount of strength & endurance. Motivation is important to maintain doing a mundane task. However, the perks are seeing different people's homes & seeing smiles on their faces when service is provided :)

After tagging along the morning shift, I went to MCC Thrift Store (at Fraser & 43rd) to find Postcards. So far I've been to the Dollar Rama, Dollar Giant, Baker Dozen Antique and couldn't find postcards that has a unique characteristic to it! But today, I bought 9 postcards for only $1.35! (super good deal!!) Usually, the cheapest I've found is 5 Vancouver scenery postcards for $1.00 (in Gastown). But here, they have the most different designs! Time for post-crossing =D

Seal the deal!

Day 3: Facebook-Less

Currently, I am going on a "Facebook Diet" (as my friend puts it). The reason being I am on facebook for a shocking amount of time each day. I think typical is 2-3 hours for a regular user. But for me, I am constantly checking on my ipod/laptop (thanks to the convenience of Wi-Fi) for new updates on my news feed. For a soon-to-be stalker, I decided to deactivate it!

Deactivating is not uncommon, as I usually do it during finals and midterms (more than 2, back to back). I felt like it was eating up a gigantic chunk of my time from schoolwork & leisure time!

First two days I was busy procrastinating on my midterm, which came out horrible... just hope its not as bad as I think. On the third day (TGIF!), I was committed to do some project work for my operations management class. From 1-5pm, I've been sitting in a cubicle in the library, typing away a blueprint of our report. Along with two team members, we were able to separate tasks to an even amount. After some hungry chit-chats, we all went home.

I decided I shouldn't stay in during a great sunny day like today!

Vancouver has missed your shine!!

On the same spot, sat down overlooking the sunset
Everything becomes so peaceful when you take a moment to admire the scenery.

And ending this with my super tired, but happy look =D 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Easing back academic life

Photo Credit: Social Psychology Eye

There were a lot of topics which I wanted to write about...
Which I hope to write later because they have made an impact on my view.
So I hope to share them with everyone out there!

So far, well.... let's get back to updating on my life at hand.
Does it happen to you when you starts to do some hardcore studying and become anti-social.... that grades are sparkling gold on your transcript?

There is definitely a inverse relationship between academic & social life for me.
Negative as in... one goes up, the other comes down...
For example, when I decline all my facebook event invites & networking parties, I get at least As on my midterms and quizzes. (Studying three days before, that is)
Then there's the other spectrum when I start to care less for school and procrastinate studying. Probably popping in and out for parties, celebrations, social events. Then grades plummet. But it does MAXIMIZE MY HAPPINESS!

I tried experimenting them on two semesters, and results were favorable to my predictions.
But this time, I'll be experimenting in one semester, breaking it 50/50.

Academic life, check.
Social life, it starts now!