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Stereotypes in Vancouver Males/Females

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An interesting discussion sparked on my facebook wall feed, guess what it is?
War of genders: "Vancouver" Females & Males
Here are the articles:

Before giving my own opinions on the article "Do Vancouver Women Suck", I shall start by giving an overview of my background.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, which was governed by the British colony then.
My dad worked for the HK government and my mom was a housewife. 
Without any siblings, I pretty much learned everything independently. 
Going through countless mistakes, with scars and injuries on my body.
I was proud, because they mark my experiences which I learned myself.
Still staying on topic, I grew up with female friends all my life. 
Starting from kindergarten (got poked with a pencil lead by a BOY), elementary school (almost got a detention getting into a fight with a BOY), till high school (got a compliment of being fat by a BOY).
My experiences with males in general were not very pleasant. These are probably all I can recall from "BOY" encounters before high school graduation.It seemed like I became neutral (feeling like a nun, haha), when I started my post-secondary institution. AND the "cooties" feeling disappeared. 

Usually, I don't talk with strangers on the bus because you don't know who you will meet. Stalkers are creepy and you don't want one following you home..... But when I get people asking for directions or making compliments on my clothing, I will happily continue a conversation with. However, its pretty difficult for me to start a conversation due to the feeling of embarrassment when they don't respond. I do smile when people look at me, to show I am a friendly person =)

I love the beach! Joining my Vancouver Beach Volleyball meetup group this year has got me to practically all the beaches in Vancouver. I love meeting new people, but you don't usually see people going to the beach alone. Quiet common, you'd see at least two people lying on the beach or one person walking around trying to find their friends. Circle of friends are usually confined with an invisible bubble, so no "intruders" can invade. The awesome thing about my meetup group is, we welcome people to join us in playing volleyball! Making changes, bit by bit. 

No comment on the park, I rarely go there :P

As for Yaletown, I rarely know the place to comment on it. But its another area where you'd hang out with friends more than going alone. Meeting guys at a bar, there's no long-term friendship in that category, Sadly. 

I definitely agree with coffee shops, and even breakfast places! I once went to a breakfast place alone. Ordered a huge meal, and it looked super delicious! Since it was my first time trying western breakfast, i wasn't able to finish it all. But a gentleman about the ages of 20-30s came in and sat beside me. (I was sitting at a small table, and he was sitting at a small table beside me as well) He started complimenting on how delicious it looked. But I didn't really continue the conversation because I wasn't feeling well. Oh, did I mention this happened in Seattle?

Nevertheless, I do agree with the gents that Vancouver is a hard place to start a conversation in the middle of nowhere. But don't give up hope! You might be able to catch "one in a million" with your courage! Ladies, like myself, its time for another evolution. 

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