Monday, January 9, 2012

Hiking in the Winter

Hi, it seemed like a long time since my last blog entry. I made a promise to myself to be more consistent in writing during the winter break, that I eventually broke. Sigh.... Anyhow, I am back on my game!

Its nice to meet new people with common interests, don't you think? When we get
used to the small circle of friends, we unconsciously rely on them quite a lot. There are moments in my life when we enter a new chapter, such as high school/university graduation. After a new chapter is flipped, friends diverge and leave our comfort zones.

So last Saturday (Jan.7th), I attended a meetup event organized by " the20s crowd". This is probably the 2nd or 3rd meetup that I've been to which is not related to beach volleyball. The organizer was from Romania and had lived in North Vancouver for a couple of years. He suggested hiking the Deep Cove on a little rainy Saturday.As promised, the hike was easier than the Grouse Grind. Four of us attended, we had one person from Salmon Arm, one from India, and me (from HK). The most beautiful moment, was looking at the whole North Vancouver from the big boulder up on the mountain. It was a calming, foggy view, with drizzles of cold rain hitting our jackets as we talked about our travelling adventures. Everyone was really nice and friendly, we had donuts and a yummy pizza after our 3 hour hike. We went to the downtown Deep Cove, which was the size of a track field (or maybe smaller).  During the hike, we pass by a lot of NVan locals walking their dogs. We were all muddy and wet by the end of the day, Shower time!

View from the Deep Cove (front view)
View from the Deep Cove (right)
Honey's Donuts!

Time to invest on
good pair of hiking boots!!

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