Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You

Came across this song while YouTube-ing for DIY Christmas Cards (which I will attempt to start soon).

This song brings back so much memories, the once happy moments of my life.
I felt really emotional hearing it, for the tenth time.
Alone, in my bedroom.

There's always someone, sometime in your life who teaches you to grow up.
They share with you the happiest moments.
But they also give you the most painful experiences.
Feeling the piercing pain in your heart, filling tears in your eyes.
Sleepless nights just thinking about the same damn thing, non-stop.

Its those people who I am thankful for.
I've learned to depend on no one but myself.

"pain makes you stronger, tears makes you braver. Heartbreaks makes you wiser so thank the past for a better future." -- Via Twitter

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