Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting back to writing.

When I was little, finding penpals have been an exciting journey. The very first time was through a column in a comic book. Then moved on to internet, where they have sites with users who post their address, hobbies, and etc. As I got focused to school more, my writing routine have slowly died out... Till when I started using twitter and started looking into getting back to writing. There are two amazing sites I found recently and really wanted to share with everyone:

(picture taken from the site's blog)

For the first one, its created by a group of passionate people who spreads love to the world. By gathering people from around the world, strangers from different parts of the world will write letters filled with love and encouragement, to help those through difficult times. Sometimes we are not as strong as we look. The little thoughts strangers take, makes a big difference. For Christmas, I have signed up for "12 days of Christmas" mission. Due to my finals, I chose two specific dates for which I will express my love to those who may need it to get through obstacles. Please sign up! 

Help others and tell them "you are a brave individual, you can get through this! There are many people who stand by you, look and reach."

This pen is so heavy! Next time let's just get a stamp with our names on it, ok Little Ana?
(Picture taken from the site's blog)

Found this site from twitter, you basically mail your postcard to anyone! When the person receives it, you can request one back from another stranger :) How it works: Everyone is given a code & they write it on the postcard. The receiver then writes the code on his/her account to signify they have received it. A very creative interaction between people of different places! 

Its really amazing how we use advanced technology to going back with "pen & paper". I personally like writing a hard copy than typing into the computer. Feels less of a robot, more of a "human".

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