Thursday, July 6, 2017

Amazon purchase: 2017 subsequent packages

Amazon has one of the largest selection of goods. With choices from around the world, you can get almost anything. Though some may take longer than others to arrive, but its all worth it in the end.

On my second round of purchases, I ordered the following:

- Hello Kitty Keyboard Cover: This is useful when you use the keyboard a lot and wants to keep dust/snack bites away from the bottom of the keyboard

-Microfiber, Fast drying Travel Sports Towel: I found out about this through my Yoga trials a while back. It beats the thick towels in occupying less space and dries fast. Especially during hot yoga sessions when the sweat is dripping to the mat, this comes in handy to prevent slipping!

- Sony Xperia X Performance Flip Case: Usually the ideal case would protect the back, while a screen protector will be best for the front. In this case, the phone was purchased overseas. So finding accessories is a challenge. To kill two birds with one stone, I chose the flip case (without the card pockets of course!). Let's see how this will turn out.

The second package I've ordered separately because the seller advised to be eligible for shipping, it has to be under $30 and 1KG. So I ordered with the new rule:

- Bella 8800 Flowy Racerback Tank: The first time I purchased this was at BCSPCA. They had a wide selection of pets with meaningful quotes that promotes awareness. However, my sizes (Small) are all sold out. So I found it on amazon & decide to get another one- just in time for summer! The fabric is soft and flowy, making it easy to move around without ripping the seams. In addition, its thin material that allows for breathing. (Since most women tank tops are tight fitting. They may not be best for sports which involves big, sudden movements).

- Men's Half Mesh Trucker Cap: I have a larger than normal female sized head, thus this may work out well. A majority of reviews are positive & the hat comes with adjustable snap tab at the back. Allowing the one size to fit most heads. I've lost a number of hats on the beach and this is probably my third purchase in the last two years. If I lose it, not a big loss. I am excited to try this out for sure!

What do you hope to receive the most in the mail??

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Amazon purchase: 2017 First Package (Part 2)

The shipments come from different vendors which lengthens the time to receive it. Thus I've broken into two separate posts. Let's continue :)

4. Workout cover up shirt

I absolutely adore the "no cleavage front with a cut-open back" top. After finding something similar, I decided to order and try it out. This was awful. The description of the product says "cotton blend". Its not even remotely close to cotton! Its silky materials you see on Indian clothes. I was looking for cotton (not the "breathable" material that this clearly is). I feel like I am wearing a curtain, the quality looks and feels cheap. Its dirty on the inside of the shirt. Disgusting.

I ordered a large because its shipped from HK, their sizing tends to be one to two sizes smaller than North American size. When I tried it on, it looked huge!

I wouldn't use it more than a mop cloth.

I was very happy with my last Under Armour racerback which had a flowy design near the bottom half. Thus I wanted to get something similar, except in 100% cotton. Little did I know that this is very tight fitting, and the material isn't as "soft" as I had imagined. After ordering the same size, it was hugging my whole upper body. Playing beach volleyball, the last thing I want is a top that is so tight I can feel the sand rubbing against my skin after a dig. 

Not recommended. 

I asked my cousin to purchase a Xperia phone from overseas as there's very limited selection in North America, especially in BC. Most phones are black, which makes it hard to retrieve inside purses. Thus my request to purchase a white phone turned into a silver phone. I bought this case to solve the problem. This is a flip case (but not pockets, prevents the cards from scratching the screen). The glossy, shimmery was hard to adjust to on the first day (as I always go for matte finish). After a few days, the finish isn't as "annoying" to me anymore. The benefit of having the flip case is it also protects the screen from the oily face. 

Pretty happy with this one. 

7. Macbook Keyboard Cover

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Amazon purchase: 2017 First Package

My most recent Amazon purchase! It's been a while since I've shopped online. There are amazing deals, no doubt. But its also hit and miss because most purchases are based on reviews. With different purchase preferences, it may not be the best way to depend your purchase decisions on.

This time, I decided solely on consumer's reviews. Here's my purchases:

Prepping for the summer, I decided to get a summer dress just before the peak season hits. Usually there's a few good deals as companies are clearing out their last season's stock. I found this dress to be quite nice (It was $17 then, and price has dropped since). Overall reviews were positive. As soon as it arrived, I tried it on. The quality was poor, it probably couldn't survive more than 15 washes. The materials were not comfortable and the back straps looks cheap. The inner linings for the lower part was extremely short, and the top linings were silk. So its see through. 

Its not worth the price its for. 


2. Backpack

I wanted to get a backpack for day trips/hikes/camping. The decent backpacks are roughly $80+. So I decided to take a shot on Amazon for one. There were a lot of different backpacks online. The variation of colors, shapes, and sizes makes it hard to decide on one. I wanted a bigger version than my 20L in case there is a need to pack food supplies. This one came in disappointment. The seams, materials was poor quality. It was too big for someone my size and I am not confident that the straps won't break as soon as it gets a little bit more heavier.

For $36, I'd recommend spending a little more on something more worthwhile.

3. Bikini Cover Up

While I was on my vacation to Cancun last year (week of Christmas), one of the ladies I've met had a stunning bikini lace cover up. It was gorgeous. A few weeks ago, I found the same thing on Amazon so I decided to get one. Once it arrived, my heart shattered. The sleeves were only to the elbows. The dangling pieces were glued on, it make the whole cover up look like a disaster. After trying it on, it made me look at least 30 years older. Definitely not recommended.

Totalling at around $12, I would probably give it to my mom....

What are some things that you wish you hadn't bought online?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

So many thoughts.

Lately I have been thinking about so many things. Most revolve around... what if.

What if I did this? What if I took a stride in that?

Its one of those times when you start evaluating the life of your own and hoping to change in direction from the regular, mundane routine. There's a few who have helped along the way, lent a helping hand through the rough patches. Subconsciously we've been taught something, a new way of thinking. Perhaps a new way of reshaping the journey to something different. Shortly along the way, another important person comes along and injects a hint of unique thought. An idea that rethinks the current status quo.

Life is a beautiful thing. No matter how many times you fall, there's a way to lift you back up. So many possibilities lead to infinite opportunities.


I've recently read an article about someone working in a controversial profession. Its one that's frowned upon but generates substantial cash that one could only dream of.

The salary looks something like this:
around $500 per hour, $1100 for 2 hours.... $300 for each additional hour.

If you have the guts and willing to take the risk, its up for grabs. Money that many people (highly praised professionals) would be spending countless hours at the office and would not earn close to this profession's annual income.

What is something you wished you could be doing, if you were brave enough?